Katarina Stoltz

Katarina, also called “Kasia”, is a very courageous woman who always challenges herself to live life to the fullest. She has lived in three different countries, always followed her heart for new learnings. Before she started to support women as a Life Coach, Katarina worked in a male dominated profession. She was not able to allow her feminine side. Not until she became a mother and turned 40, she started to work on integrating her femininity in her being. Today friends describe her as soft, light and caring. Katarina is a wife who has learned how to go from conflicts and struggle to surrender and accepting in her marriage. She is also a very passionate and loving mother to a little girl. Motherhood has been her greatest catalyst for self-improvement. Becoming a mother has helped her to heal wounds from her past, and her daughter inspires and challenges her daily to return to her natural self, being a playful, confident and a forgiving woman.

Katarina loves to be surrounded by people who have the desire to grow and discover more about who they are, people who are curious about life, passionate, imperfect, and authentic. She loves making new experiences with people from different cultures, exploring various ways of self-expression, going wild while dancing and watching the ocean. There has to be inner movement in her life, she loves when she discovers something new to work on and can dive deep to get to know the denied parts of herself. She adores spending time with her daughter and being a companion to her clients while they discover how powerful they are.

Katarina offers women one-to-one Coaching and Workshops in English, women who have the desire to learn how to become more themselves, to discover what they need to say no to in life to be able to say yes to what really matters, who wish to open up for love, more harmony and inner peace, to discover their power and uniqueness and to work with what’s in their way to fully shine.

Themes: Self-care, Self-love, Relationships, Communication, Mental health, Women coaching, Mother coaching, Consciousness, Acceptance, Connection, Here and Now.