Flor Amor

FlorAmor is a devoted singer of sacred music in different forms.  In her early spiritual path she spent many years in an Ashram as a yogic spiritual aspirant, devoting her time to meditaion, bhakti and spiritual work. After a decade of intense spiritual transformations, she re-discovered her shamanic roots through South-American traditions and is fascinated by the fusion of the South-American and Indian path. Calling it a shamanic bhakti, she considers it a MEDICINE and follows the ever curious spirit leading her ongoingly to new explorations in the field of sacred music. The medicine music is a path of aligning oneself with with the New Earth Consciousness and works with the intention of the healing of human soul, thus being a channel for the new paradigm and a deepest Self-Realisation.

FlorAmor (a.k.a. Aleksandra Piela) is also a Co-founder, musician, singer and Kali-Channeler bei „Mantra Tribe“, a band offering ecstatic chanting and dancing music, combining Mantras and hot, Tribal Beats.